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by Starfuckers

Artwork by Francesco Eppesteingher

Cover: 2 colors, white and silver on 400gr black paper, water-based ink, handprinted
Inner sleeve: 1 color, black on 320gr silver paper, water based ink, handprinted
180gr black vinil
Edition of 300, hand numbered
February 2015

Manuele Giannini: guitar, voice
Alessandro Bocci: electronics
Roberto Bertacchini: drums

tr. all: Stefano Annunziata [RIP] (psychotropic propulsion)
tr. 3: Marcella Riccardi, Egle Sommacal (guitar)
tr. 4-5-6-11: Gianni Ginesi (guitar)
tr. 9: Emidio Clementi (harmonium)
tr. 10: Vittoria Burattini (drums)
tr. 11: Mauro Rigoni, Sandro Andriani (guitar)
tr. ?: Massimo Carozzi (?)

Conceived in April 1997
Recorded at Studi Domestici (Massa) July-August 1997
Voiced at One Vamp (Bologna) September 1997
Transferred on tape and mixed at Vida Studio (Rubiera) October 17-18, 1997, supervision by Kaba C
Produced by Starfuckers
Originally released on CD in 1997 by Drunken Fish Records (San Francisco, CA) and Audioglobe/Lessness (Firenze)

Vinyl reissue mastered from Dat safety copy by Giuseppe Ielasi
Pressed in vinyl by Phono Press International srl

… infrantumi was recorded in the summer of 1997 in Massa, in the cramped attic of the Bocci house, all the equipment we had was: a sampler, a small mixer, an analog synth, a digital multi-effect, an electric guitar, a cheap transistor amp, a low wattage monitor, a vintage drum kit and a turntable. For recording we decided to use a mini-disc four-track recorder and a single microphone; all the tracks have been transferred to a 2-inch reel to reel tape recorder and mixed without any editing or additional outboard.

strfckrs October 2014 Bologna